-68m no fins

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Friday the 26th of June
After a personal best yesterday, I didn’t know what to announce today. As the performance is shallower compare to what I did in constant weight, I felt it was possible to add some meters but only with a good rest. Just after the dive at -64m, I swam 5-10 minutes to remove the lactic acid, then I did 2 stretching sessions in the afternoon and an other swim of 20 minutes to relax. Good rehydratation, good Cretan food, and I was ready. Julie arrived at 3.30AM, so the night was not perfect.

I announced 68m. As usual for constant no fins, following the Will Trubridge technique (world record holder in No Fin with -88m), I don’t do any warm up.

The dive was done in 2’43". Good dive, a little bit more tired than yesterday. I felt during the dive my body didn’t recovery completely, I wasn’t as relax as for the 64m dive. For the next days, I will not do 2 performances in the same discipline 2 days in a row. Next dive tomorrow in Constant Weight… and a day off on Sunday before the beginning of the competition.


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