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Thursday 25th of June :
Today is a very good day because Julie is arriving in Sougia this evening and it’s also my first deep training day. Yesterday the organisation decided to cancel the whole training session because of the strong wind.
This morning was still a little windy but the boat was anchored in a protected area closer to the coast.
I have announced 64m in Constant No fins, same depth than my last deep training session in Nice (my personal best so far). This discipline is quite new for me and I have only done 4 max attempt this year : 55m, 58m, 61m and 64m.
I felt very good this morning and I made a good dive at 64m in 2min33sec.

Why have I decided to try Constant No Fins this year ? To have fun and to experience new feelings after 10 years focusing on Constant Weight.
I like the idea of diving with nothing, on my own… this is really the purest form of freediving !
In no fins, like no other disciplines, every detail has a huge impact on the dive : the thickness of the wetsuit, the weight you carry on, packing or not packing, the power you put on each armstroke, the number of armstroke you use until the freefall, the position of the body during the freefall… All these details are what make the discipline so exciting !

Stay tuned…
Next dive soon…

Photos: Romain Boisvieux


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Martin 25/06/2009 22:56

Hey G! Have you forgotten about your first (unwanted) CNF dive this year? 45 m CNF under ice is quite impressive, I'd say...
Anyways, enjoy the warm water this time! And all the best for your diving...