Jeudi 16 juin 4 16 /06 /Juin 05:52

310766178.jpg Julie and I have been invited by Jack Pass, the famous spearfisher, to visit the beautiful french tropical island to show our movie Free Fall to the Mayotte Underwater Film Festival. The trip was only 1 week long but very intense! Some conferences with children at school, a freediving course, spearfishing sessions, and on the top of that, a TV crew from Thalassa (One the main TV program in France) was following us during all the trip! The program will be shown around February 2012 and I will of course publish a link here!

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Mardi 4 janvier 2 04 /01 /Jan 17:30
Stage-Lyon-affiche-1.jpg Stage-Lyon-affiche-2.jpg
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Lundi 8 novembre 1 08 /11 /Nov 11:58
Raphael is a french famous singer. For his new song "Le Bar de l'Hotel", he wanted us (Julie and me) to be part of his video clip. You can see the result at the end of the article.
After the shooting, we enjoyed the deepest swimming pool in the world, Nemo 33, for some fun freediving (watch the link below)

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Vendredi 23 octobre 5 23 /10 /Oct 18:52

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Jeudi 15 octobre 4 15 /10 /Oct 09:41
On the 13th of october, I was part of a film shoot directed by Otar Iosseliani, a georgian film maker living in France (He got some prizes in the past at the Cannes film festival, Berlin Film Festival and Venice film Festival)
Of course, I am not an actor yet, but I did an underwater stunt, with Julie (she was the main character playing a black mermaid) and Fouad (Vice President of the CIPA).
I can't tell you more details of the shooting, you will have to wait the official release of the movie (maybe Cannes 2010!!)
The only think I can assure you: it was terribly hard to swimm underwater with all this clothes in the cold water with almost empty lungs! After that day, I had to sleep 11 hours in a row to recover!

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Lundi 5 octobre 1 05 /10 /Oct 20:15

The Changing Oceans Expedition is a ten-year adventure through the world's most important marine eco-regions to bring the world the latest update information on the state of our oceans. The expedition will develop new ways of exploring and studying the oceans and fully share these discoveries, day by day, moment by moment, through the new, interactive media of the net generation.

The Changing Oceans Expedition is about bringing people and the sea closer together through a journey of discovery. It is about engaging everyone, whether eco-volunteer, scientist or crew aboard or online - to join in or follow the expedition from a computer screen in any part of the world.


I am very proud to be one of the ambassador of this adventure. I wish to get personally involved with Antinea, in order to sensitize as many people as possible to the beauty of the sea, an element that fills my dreams.

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Jeudi 1 octobre 4 01 /10 /Oct 23:06
From the 21th to the 25th of September, I was invited by Ball Watch for a media tour with some very famous magasines and news paper: GQ, Mens Health, El Mundo, La Razon, etc..
Julie was with me a took the pictures!
A big thanks to the Ball Watch team in Spain for the warm welcome!

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Lundi 22 juin 1 22 /06 /Juin 15:18
From the 15th to the 20th of June, I have had a busy week in the west part of France: 3 conferences for 3 events.

La Palmyre (15 - 16 -17th of June):
The first one was a very special one: I am invited for 4 years now at the event called "Les Etoiles du Sport" (Stars of Sport), where french champions and youth champions in differents sports meet to share and to learn from the experience of each other during 1 week. I am going almost every year and it's always a huge source of motivation and inspiration. We can say it's like a University for future champion. There are some presentations about differents themes like: stress management, how to use the failure to be better, media training, nutrition, how to find sponsors...
The theme of my presentation was: " Testimonial from a youth athlete who became a champion"
It was an honor for me to share my experience with this incredible audience: in front of me, several Olympic Champions, World Champions, Europeen Champions and French Champions were listening to me.
I was very happy, very excited and I agreea little stressed.
After the conference, I organised an introduction at the swimming pool: very interesting to learn about relaxation and breathing techniques for athletes who have a good consciousness of their body.

Lorient (18th of June):
The second conference was organised for a French Company, DELIFRANCE. As usual, I did a presentation and an introduction in the swimming pool, mostly about how to relax and let it go when you are stressed. It's not easy if you are not used to, but water helps a lot.

Hossegor (19th of June):
In the south west coast dedicated to surfers, I did my last presentation of the week for EUROSIMA (Europeen
Surf Industry Manufacturers Association). The world of Freediving and the world of surfing have a very similar philosophy: relation with the element, fluidity... very interesting meeting!

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Jeudi 6 novembre 4 06 /11 /Nov 18:38

Du 5 au 15 octobre 2008, Ball Watch a organisé une série d'interviews et de conférences de presse en Asie pour lancer le nouveau modèle Engineer Master II Diver GMT et pour feter cette formidable année 2008 marquée par les 2 titres: record du monde à -113m + champion du monde par équipe.
Au programme de cette tournée asiatique: Tokyo du 5 au 10 octobre et Hong Kong du 11 au 15 octobre.
Voici quelques photos, vidéos et extraits d'articles pour illustrer ce voyage (photos by Julie)

A bientot pour la reprise de l'entrainement!

From the 5th to the 15th of october 2008, Ball Watch has organised interviews and press conferences in Asia to launch the new model Engineer Master II Diver GMT and to celebrate this incredible year 2008 marked by 2 titles: world record -113m and world champion by team.
The programm of the Asian Tour was: Tokyo from the 5th to the 10th of october and Hong Kong from the 11th to the 15th  of october.
Here are some pictures, videos and some articles to illustrate the trip (photos by Julie)

See you soon for the beginning of the training!

                      photoshooting for the cover of ENGINE Magazine, top automobile magazine in Japan


Photoshooting and interviews in Tokyo /  Freediving show with a chinese-french top model in Hong Kong

                    Freediving conference in Tokyo with Ryuzo Shinomya

Radio show in Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture): it was the first time in 4 year a foreigner was invited!

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Vendredi 8 août 5 08 /08 /Août 20:20
Bonjour à tous,

à peine 2 jours à Nice, et nous revoila reparti: direction la Floride pour la BALLFEST, un évènement organisé par BallWatch USA qui rassemble les distributeurs de Ball aux Etats Unis. Il faut savoir que les US sont le bation historique de la marque fondée en 1891. Pour cet évènement étaient également présents 2 autres ambassadeurs de la marque:
John Hembel "Mad Cow", ex champion du monde de ski de vitesse et Owen Garriott, astronaute de la NASA lors la mission Skylab II.
Nous avons pris la parole chacun notre tour, répondu aux questions des invités et terminé le repas par une séance d'autographe et de photos.
Merci à Julie pour les photos et la vidéo!


only 2 days in Nice and we are back to travel again: we are going to Florida for the BALLFEST, an event organised by BallWatch USA with the Ball dealers in US. US are the  birth place of the brand created in 1891. 2 others ambassadors  of the company were part of the event: John Hembel "Mad Cow", former speed skiing world champion and Owen Garriott, NASA astronaut on Skylab II mission.
Everybody told their story, answer the questions of the guests and the dinner ended by an autograph and pictures session.
Thanks to Julie for the pictures and the video!

                                     Owen Garriott, moi et Jon Hembel

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Dimanche 20 juillet 7 20 /07 /Juil 19:34
Bonjour à tous,

à peine remis de mes émotions, me voila repartis pour de nouvelles aventures: le tournage d'une pub en Egypte pour l'Afrique du Sud. Pour l'instant je ne peux pas trop en dire quand à la marque, mais ce que l'on me demande est très simple: plongée avec ma monopalme!!!
Sur le coup, une véritable équipe de cinéma, les meilleurs directeurs photos d'Afrique du Sud, et en caméraman principal Didier Noirot, chef caméraman de l'équipe de Cousteau sur la Calypso pendant 12 ans, et également un des caméraman du film Planete Bleue, une grosse pointure quoi.

Une superbe aventure de quelques jours pendant laquelle j'ai retrouvé mes 2 juges préférées Linda et Lotta en guise d'apneiste de sécurité (elles tiennent une école d'apnée à Dahab)

Plus d'infos bientot et bien sur la publicité finie sera dispo sur le blog vers début aout... Patience...

Hello everybody,

just finished with the world record and I am already preparing news adventures: Commercial shooting in Egypt for a South African company. For the moment, I can't say anything about the company, but what they want from me is very simple: freediving with my monofin!!!
A real cinema's crew is involved in the shooting with the best directors of South Africa.
The main cameraman is a french man, Didier Noirot, chief cameraman in the Calypso of the Cousteau's team and also one of the cameraman in the movie Blue Planet, a great guy!

It was a very interesting adventure 3 days long. My 2 safety freedivers were my favorites judges Linda and Lotta (they teach freediving in their school in Dahab)

More news soon, and of course the final advertising available on the blog (beginning of August)... Patience...

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Mardi 8 avril 2 08 /04 /Avr 00:00
Baselworld, le rendez vous incontournable des passionnés et des professionnels de la montre a une fois de plus tenu ses promesses: des stands qui rivalisent de beauté dans un style très très luxe, des almonde, et comme l'année dernière le stand BALLWATCH a eu un vif succès: une nouvelles collection très appréciée des connaisseurs et une décoration qui attire l'oeil.
En vidéo, un aperçu filmé avec mon téléphone portable( il faut tourner l'ordi vers la droite ou pencher la tete vers la gauche pour mieux voir). Une fois de plus j'ai été énormément mis en avant par mon partenaire pour la mise en scène: une statue argentée à mon éfigie en combinaison-monopalme en plein action suspendue dans les airs surplombant les escaliers intriguant du batiment BALL, et surtout une succession d'images de synthèse sur 15 écrans plasma d'affilé au plafond de la galerie principale du stand (voir vidéo).

Quelques photos viendront les jours prochains.

Après 3 jours de salon, me voici de retour à Nice, avec encore le décalage horaire des Bahamas, d'ou l'horaire tardive de cette actu.
Quelques jours de répos et c'est reparti pour l'entrainement.

A bientot

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