World Championship Bahamas 2009 - no vidéo today

Publié le par Guillaume Néry

Hello, a short message to give you some news. After the difficult dive at 76m, I went back the day after without any weight at 75m. Despite the tiredness of the previous dive, the dive was good, and I had better sensations. Very good for the mental !
Today, I went in constant weight with fins at 95m and I felt great too. I feel like I found my rythm here in Long Island and I have a very fast recovery allowed me to dive every day. Since I am here, I only had on e day rest. As the competition will approach dramatically, I will start soon increasing the numbers of day-off. As the weather is getting better, I started swimming every afternoon after the nap, and it helps a lot in the body and the mind.

I will continue posting some videos but you will understand that It takes a lot of time and energy to make it. So the quantity will decrease, with hopefully an even better quality!

Stay tuned !


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