World Championship Bahamas 2009 - CNF progression

Publié le par Guillaume Néry

After a succesfull and easy dive in constant weight at 95, the 2 last dives were dedicated to no fins. 2 days ago, I did 79m. It was a little hard, but ok. Today, I did 80m but in the way up, I felt it was going to be difficult. I didn't want to take any risk, si I decided to pull until the surface. I don't know what's the reason, but with the same settings than the previous dive, It took me 10 seconds more to reach the bottom plate (for only 1 metter difference).
So I will try to dive again tomorow at the ame depth, with 0.5kg again to see if there is any difference.

Stay tuned!!


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geath and hard luck,thanks for this beaytifull photo.