World Championship 2009 - Bahamas - chapter 1: the first dive

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Welcome on my blog for the daily diary of my preparation here at Dean's Blue Hole, in Long Island - Bahamas for the upcoming Depth World Championship.
I will try to share with you almost everyday my life here in Bahamas, with some videos, photos and comments.

All the shot (pictures and footage except underwater of course) will be made with my telephon, a SONY ERICSSON U10I 8.1 megapixels, as Sony Ericsson is the new partner of AIDA FRANCE French Team.

Yesterday and today were my 2 first training sessions here. Just some fun dives and a first try at 68m in Constant No Fins today. Feelings are quiet ok even I feel that I am still a little jetlag. I did the last part of the ascent pulling on the rope to save energy and to make the dive a little longer.
Apart from the diving, I spent the rest of my time searching for good food and I was quiet surprise to find some good stuff. I have started cooking some healthy food and it makes  me feel at home!
Some others freedivers already arrived fews days ago: Herbert Nitsch (the one who broke my last record), Johan Dahlstrom from Sweden, Robert King (USA), Ryuzo Shinomya (the deepest Japanese and my roomate for the next week), Alexey Molchanov (Russia, World Record holder in dynamic) Kerian Hibbs and Kathryn Mac Phee (New Zeland), Jana Strain (Canada)...

The conditions are not so good as the hurricane season doesn't seem to be over, a lot of wind, and a bad visibilty. Fortunatly the weathercast is very optimist for the next days...

Stay tuned!


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Je vais suivre tout ça de très très près malgré les milliers de kilomètres qui me séparent des Bahamas.

Bonne entraînement.
Amuse-toi bien... et bonne chance!