Welcome back on my blog!

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Dear friends, 

sorry for the lack of informations the previous weeks, but I have been very busy! Moving everywhere around France and Europe for some PR work, TV, conferences, freediving course, music video shooting... I also started the beginning of my new training program for the upcoming season full of deep dives!

In the following days, I will try to post some reports about all this things I have done with pictures and videos. Keep on following this blog, I am back!



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francois 23/01/2011 19:12

pouvez-vous me dire c koi la chanson de la vidéo du bahamas (elle est tro belle)?

Romuald 19/10/2010 19:07

La brasse gui, la brasse ;)
petit souvenir d'aix-les-bains qui m'a ouvert à pas mal de choses à propos de mon entraînement =) Merci merci !!

jérôme ESPLA 19/10/2010 16:57