Vertical Blue 2010 - part 2

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6 days of competition have already passed : As my feeling were not perfect in constant no fins in training, because this discipline requires to be in perfect shape as it’s the toughest one, and because the main foccus of the year are the team world championship in Okinawa (with constant weight discipline as the only depth category), I have decided to focus only in constant weight with fins category for this Vertical Blue 2010.
I did only 3 dives in the first 6 days, because I was a little bit sick in the middle :
- 103m : I have announced 105m but turned earlier because of bad feelings
- 106m : I went to the bottom, but couldn’t fin the tag (maybe because of nitrogen narcosis)
- 108m : white card, easy at the surface and with equalisation, but still a lot of narcosis.



(c) Deedee Flores


Tomorrow starts the last set.
I have announced 112m for tomorrow, 1 meter less than my personal best achieved in july 2008, and that was a new world record !
During the first days of the competition, several world records have been broken.
In constant weight, Herbert Nitsch took it 1 meter deeper than his previous record, with a dive at 124m.
I constant weight no fins, William Trubridge, the warden of Deans Blue Hole, organiser of the competition, and the world specialist in CNF pushed his own world record a little deeper, with a fantastic dive at 92m.
In Free Immersion (pulling down and back to the roap), Herbert Nitsch broke the WR a fisrt time with a dive at 114m. William Trubridge took it at 116m. Yesterday, Herbert Nitsch made the dive at 118m but was disqualified because he lost the tag on the way back, but he was looking very strong. There is no doubt he will try again tomorrow !

I try to foccus on my dives only. I know I am not ready yet to catch up with the guys ahead during this competition. I am working now on my own feelings to be ready for the future !



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amel 25/04/2010 22:49

take care and enjoy

ton fils 25/04/2010 14:50

cool fait pas ta taffiole annonce 125 !!! LOL