Ambassador of "Changing Oceans" expedition

Publié le par Guillaume Néry

The Changing Oceans Expedition is a ten-year adventure through the world's most important marine eco-regions to bring the world the latest update information on the state of our oceans. The expedition will develop new ways of exploring and studying the oceans and fully share these discoveries, day by day, moment by moment, through the new, interactive media of the net generation.

The Changing Oceans Expedition is about bringing people and the sea closer together through a journey of discovery. It is about engaging everyone, whether eco-volunteer, scientist or crew aboard or online - to join in or follow the expedition from a computer screen in any part of the world.


I am very proud to be one of the ambassador of this adventure. I wish to get personally involved with Antinea, in order to sensitize as many people as possible to the beauty of the sea, an element that fills my dreams.


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Chloé 07/10/2009 23:50

Hope to see you on board soon!