Nice Abyss Contest, to be continued!

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Nice Abyss Contest 2009, it s done!
First of all, I would like to thanks deeply all the CIPA team for the support! It was an incredible human adventure.
Congratulation to all the athletes who managed strong performances with hard conditions the first 3 days (wind, waves or rain). Fortunatly the bay of Villefranche offered the perfect conditions for the athletes the last day.
Here are the results (best performances of the week end):

CNF Woman:
1 Brigitte Banégas 36m (French Record)

CNF Men:
1 Morgan Bourc'his 63m
2 Christian Maldamé 60m
3 Frederic Sessa 50m

CWT Woman:
1 brigitte Banégas 46m
2 Vanessa Mac Donald 45m
3 Mia Rizner 41m

1 François Gautier 80m
2 Nicolas Girardin 70m
3 Jean Michel Pradon 67m

Hope to organise it again in 2010 or in 2011...

Now the training starts again for the World Championship in Bahamas (end of November)

Pictures of the competition:  by VAL LEFERME


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Cath 28/09/2009 11:05

Félicitations !

beauverger bruno 23/09/2009 17:34

d'après les echos que j'ai pu en avoir, une super compet,
très content que Nice et le Cipa renoue avec la "tradition" constant ;-)
belle perf le team!
a une prochaine ...