Day 5: happy ending

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Sunday 5th of June:

Yesterday was the last day of the competition. I wanted an easy dive with no pressure in Free Immersion.

I dove at 80m in 3'11". It was of course very cool and very relaxed. I didn't want to push for the last dive in a discipline I haven't train for 6 years. But of course, with a 75m in no fins, 80m in free immersion was not a big risk!

For the second time, I win the Mediterranean Freediving competition in Sougia.

I really would love to thank some people and partners:

Ball Watch, my main sponsor, who help me for 3 years. Thanks to their support and because they have never put pressure on me, I have tried no fins this year to enjoy new feelings, with no record expectation, and I had a great time.

               CIPA team, with whom I have been training this year

- Gael Ovois, my physical trainer, who helped me to gain some  upper body strenght.

- Xavier, who gave me very good advice for technique.

- Fred Lemaitre, THE specialist in freediving physilogy who gave me some ideas and advices for training
photo by Fred Buyle(c)


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zecheer 16/07/2009 21:31

"80m en libre n'était pas un gros risque"... tout est relatif lol !
Félicitations pour avoir remporté cette compétition, c'est vraiment mérité. Et merci pour ce journal, toujours entre émotion et technique, avec comme toujours des photos de toute beauté.

lionel 13/07/2009 22:51

Bonsoir Guillaume,
Ton blog nickel, moi qui le suis depuis le début je rencontre un gros problème depuis que tu le fait qu'en anglais, je ne comprend rien. Pourrais-tu le remettre en français ? Ainsi je pourrais savoir se que tu a fait.
D'avance merci,

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