Day 3: -72m no fins, new french record

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Wednesday 1st of July
3rd day in a row in this competition but first real challenge today with an announcement in no fins at 72m: new French record and new personal best attempt. The sea conditions were just amazing, it was THE day to overcome the 70m barrier. My official top was at 12.20 am. I woke up a little early, probably because of the stress and I spent all the morning turning around, very impatient to be in the water. They are stressful situations that paralyze you and others that dopes you and this morning I felt confident. As usual, I have jumped in the water 5 minutes before official top for the breath-up. The dive was nice. I was of course a little more tired than 2 days ago at 65m, but very clear at the surface. Right after the dive, I felt all the lactic acid burning every part of my body as I have never experienced before! It’s probably the result of the no warm up style, that lead to a stronger diving reflex (better vasoconstriction) and a bigger production of lactic acid. Today is a total rest day, and I will probably try again the no fins on Friday.

The underwater pictures are from Fred Buyle ( ) and are not copyright free


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Stephfreediver 02/07/2009 00:33

Magnifique Guigui!

Félicitations lémanique!

FloCop 01/07/2009 18:22

Félicitations et chapeau bas pour cette perf impressionante !