Competition, day 1: 65m no fins

Publié le par Guillaume Néry

Monday 29th of June
Yesterday, I have announced in no fins an attempt to 72m. The rules set by the organiser allowed to take off 10 meters maximum to your attempt in case of crap conditions or bad feeling. First informations coming from the first athlete to dive were not very good: strong current the first 10 meters, regular current untll 20m and nothing below.
I decided to announce a safer depth as it was my first dive no fins ever in competition and also the first dive of this competition.
65m was a good number.
It took me 2'38" to do it and it was a very cool dive! The current was not as important as expected,but was still there the first 10 meters. This dive gave me a lot of positiv energy.
-65m is also a new french record in no fins.

Next dive tomorrow, probably in Constant Weight...


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