• Vertical Blue 2010 - part 4 (27/04/2010 publié dans : COMPETITION )
    Tomorrow is the last day of the competition. I will try a new french record in constant weight and a new personal best. We will see, no pressure. Look at the incredible announcements for tomorrow! ...
  • Vertical Blue 2010 - part 2 (25/04/2010 publié dans : COMPETITION )
    6 days of competition have already passed : As my feeling were not perfect in constant no fins in training, because this discipline requires to be in perfect shape as it’s the toughest one, and ...
  • Vertical Blue 2010 - part 1 (17/04/2010 publié dans : COMPETITION )
    photo by Julie Gautier - BLUENERY (c) It s been 17 days I have started my training in Long Island. I have tried to work mostly on the no fins (CNF) and on constant weight (CW). In constant, I have ...
  • Vertical Blue 2010 (02/04/2010 publié dans : COMPETITION )
    I arrived yesterday in Long Island, Bahamas. One more time, I am going to explore the deepest Blue Hole in the world, Dean's Blue Hole. Vertical Blue is an invitational competition organised by ...


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