Vendredi 3 juillet 5 03 /07 /Juil 13:52
Friday 3rd of July

1 year ago exactly, I broke the world record in constant weight with a 113m dive. Since then, I have been given my monofin a rest. Today will be the outcome of the first part of the year focussed on no fins.
After a full day rest, I decided to add 3 more meters to my previous record made 2 days ago.
75m is the target of the day! I was a little bit stress and even worried about that dive because it s becoming more and more serious.
Incredible but the dive was maybe the best I have done so far, with very good sensations. 3'03" after the duck dive, I surfaced with a big smile at the surface! It's a new French record. But what makes me feel very happy is the way I did the dive more than the depth. It's proof for those who doubt that rest makes a huge difference!
Tomorrow will be the last day of the competition.
I will do a relaxed free immersion dive and then let the pressure go away !

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Mercredi 1 juillet 3 01 /07 /Juil 15:35
Wednesday 1st of July
3rd day in a row in this competition but first real challenge today with an announcement in no fins at 72m: new French record and new personal best attempt. The sea conditions were just amazing, it was THE day to overcome the 70m barrier. My official top was at 12.20 am. I woke up a little early, probably because of the stress and I spent all the morning turning around, very impatient to be in the water. They are stressful situations that paralyze you and others that dopes you and this morning I felt confident. As usual, I have jumped in the water 5 minutes before official top for the breath-up. The dive was nice. I was of course a little more tired than 2 days ago at 65m, but very clear at the surface. Right after the dive, I felt all the lactic acid burning every part of my body as I have never experienced before! It’s probably the result of the no warm up style, that lead to a stronger diving reflex (better vasoconstriction) and a bigger production of lactic acid. Today is a total rest day, and I will probably try again the no fins on Friday.

The underwater pictures are from Fred Buyle ( ) and are not copyright free

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Mardi 30 juin 2 30 /06 /Juin 15:09

Tuesday 30th of June

Tomorrow, I want to do no fins again, so today, I used my legs. I announced 90m in constant weight. The conditions were perfect! I did a very relax dive that took me 3’13”. Great feelings. I just hope I will have a good recovery until tomorrow.

I have to think about the rest of the competition too: The winner will be the athlete that collect the 3 best performances in the 3 disciplines: Constant Weight, No fins and Free Immersion. If I want to have a chance to win, I will have to make one free immersion dive until the end the comp. There is 3 more official days. As the main goal for me is to improve my “no fins” performance, I will do 2 no fins dive and 1 free immersion dive.

Time to have a nap… see you tomorrow!

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Lundi 29 juin 1 29 /06 /Juin 15:07
Monday 29th of June
Yesterday, I have announced in no fins an attempt to 72m. The rules set by the organiser allowed to take off 10 meters maximum to your attempt in case of crap conditions or bad feeling. First informations coming from the first athlete to dive were not very good: strong current the first 10 meters, regular current untll 20m and nothing below.
I decided to announce a safer depth as it was my first dive no fins ever in competition and also the first dive of this competition.
65m was a good number.
It took me 2'38" to do it and it was a very cool dive! The current was not as important as expected,but was still there the first 10 meters. This dive gave me a lot of positiv energy.
-65m is also a new french record in no fins.

Next dive tomorrow, probably in Constant Weight...

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Samedi 27 juin 6 27 /06 /Juin 22:31
Saturday 27th of June:

Today, I went back to my first love: constant weight. I haven’t put a monofin for a deep dive since the Team World Championship we won with the French team (September 2008). I just did one dive at 52m in Oslo for the under ice competition.
I announced 85m with an other monofin (hyperfin) to swim in a different style than usual. I wanted the dive to be longer, with slow motion. The sensations were great and I succeed the dive in 2’53”. My body was happy to go back to the depth. This period training no fins just made me realize that it’s good for the mind to go and see somewhere else. An other lesson for the future, I will try not to focus only on one discipline (my challenger understood that since a while!!).
This afternoon, we went out with Julie, Nikos (safety freediver of the competition) and Dimitris (editor of Deep Worldwide magazine for a spearfishing session.

Tomorrow, rest !

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Vendredi 26 juin 5 26 /06 /Juin 14:54
Friday the 26th of June
After a personal best yesterday, I didn’t know what to announce today. As the performance is shallower compare to what I did in constant weight, I felt it was possible to add some meters but only with a good rest. Just after the dive at -64m, I swam 5-10 minutes to remove the lactic acid, then I did 2 stretching sessions in the afternoon and an other swim of 20 minutes to relax. Good rehydratation, good Cretan food, and I was ready. Julie arrived at 3.30AM, so the night was not perfect.

I announced 68m. As usual for constant no fins, following the Will Trubridge technique (world record holder in No Fin with -88m), I don’t do any warm up.

The dive was done in 2’43". Good dive, a little bit more tired than yesterday. I felt during the dive my body didn’t recovery completely, I wasn’t as relax as for the 64m dive. For the next days, I will not do 2 performances in the same discipline 2 days in a row. Next dive tomorrow in Constant Weight… and a day off on Sunday before the beginning of the competition.
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Jeudi 25 juin 4 25 /06 /Juin 19:29
Thursday 25th of June :
Today is a very good day because Julie is arriving in Sougia this evening and it’s also my first deep training day. Yesterday the organisation decided to cancel the whole training session because of the strong wind.
This morning was still a little windy but the boat was anchored in a protected area closer to the coast.
I have announced 64m in Constant No fins, same depth than my last deep training session in Nice (my personal best so far). This discipline is quite new for me and I have only done 4 max attempt this year : 55m, 58m, 61m and 64m.
I felt very good this morning and I made a good dive at 64m in 2min33sec.

Why have I decided to try Constant No Fins this year ? To have fun and to experience new feelings after 10 years focusing on Constant Weight.
I like the idea of diving with nothing, on my own… this is really the purest form of freediving !
In no fins, like no other disciplines, every detail has a huge impact on the dive : the thickness of the wetsuit, the weight you carry on, packing or not packing, the power you put on each armstroke, the number of armstroke you use until the freefall, the position of the body during the freefall… All these details are what make the discipline so exciting !

Stay tuned…
Next dive soon…

Photos: Romain Boisvieux
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Mercredi 24 juin 3 24 /06 /Juin 08:47
Freediving Club Greece is proud to announce the 2nd Mediterranean Freediving meeting and Depht Competition which will be held for the second year in the island of Grete between the 22nd of June to the 5th of July.

I am invited to compete this year as the winner of the last edition.

No expectation for me, just some fun in Constant No Fin and why not Constant Weight also.

This morning, I just went out for some dives to try the new wetsuit, the neckweight and the technique. The water is around 23 degrees and the visibility around 30-35m.

More new
s to come the next days.

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Lundi 22 juin 1 22 /06 /Juin 15:18
From the 15th to the 20th of June, I have had a busy week in the west part of France: 3 conferences for 3 events.

La Palmyre (15 - 16 -17th of June):
The first one was a very special one: I am invited for 4 years now at the event called "Les Etoiles du Sport" (Stars of Sport), where french champions and youth champions in differents sports meet to share and to learn from the experience of each other during 1 week. I am going almost every year and it's always a huge source of motivation and inspiration. We can say it's like a University for future champion. There are some presentations about differents themes like: stress management, how to use the failure to be better, media training, nutrition, how to find sponsors...
The theme of my presentation was: " Testimonial from a youth athlete who became a champion"
It was an honor for me to share my experience with this incredible audience: in front of me, several Olympic Champions, World Champions, Europeen Champions and French Champions were listening to me.
I was very happy, very excited and I agreea little stressed.
After the conference, I organised an introduction at the swimming pool: very interesting to learn about relaxation and breathing techniques for athletes who have a good consciousness of their body.

Lorient (18th of June):
The second conference was organised for a French Company, DELIFRANCE. As usual, I did a presentation and an introduction in the swimming pool, mostly about how to relax and let it go when you are stressed. It's not easy if you are not used to, but water helps a lot.

Hossegor (19th of June):
In the south west coast dedicated to surfers, I did my last presentation of the week for EUROSIMA (Europeen
Surf Industry Manufacturers Association). The world of Freediving and the world of surfing have a very similar philosophy: relation with the element, fluidity... very interesting meeting!

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Samedi 20 juin 6 20 /06 /Juin 16:39
In 2008 on the island of Menorca in the Balerics, Oceancolors sucessfully organised the first Menorca freedive training camp. Last years event gave us six weeks of training, where atheletes came from eight different countries and went on to set ten national records.

This year from the 1st to the 30th August 2009, by popular demand, Oceancolors will host a second training camp. It will be in the Azores, on the island of Faial which is set in this beautiful archipeligo in the middle of the Atlantic. 

The organisation will be the same principal as last year. The camp will restrict its numbers to only ten atheletes per day for optimum safety and use of the facilities. The camp will cater from elite freedivers to intermediate levels.

This camp will enable top athletes who want to set a national record or prepare for the individual AIDA world championships in the Bahamas in November. Intermediate freedivers will dive with them, learn their tricks and improve their deep diving. 

For more information, please contact Francisco Gautier, the organiser.
Francisco was the organiser and the director of my 2 last world record attempt: -109m and -113m.

Francisco Gautier
mail :
+ 33 6 60 20 92 15
skype : bzugodive

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