Mardi 10 novembre 2 10 /11 /Nov 03:54
Welcome on my blog for the daily diary of my preparation here at Dean's Blue Hole, in Long Island - Bahamas for the upcoming Depth World Championship.
I will try to share with you almost everyday my life here in Bahamas, with some videos, photos and comments.

All the shot (pictures and footage except underwater of course) will be made with my telephon, a SONY ERICSSON U10I 8.1 megapixels, as Sony Ericsson is the new partner of AIDA FRANCE French Team.

Yesterday and today were my 2 first training sessions here. Just some fun dives and a first try at 68m in Constant No Fins today. Feelings are quiet ok even I feel that I am still a little jetlag. I did the last part of the ascent pulling on the rope to save energy and to make the dive a little longer.
Apart from the diving, I spent the rest of my time searching for good food and I was quiet surprise to find some good stuff. I have started cooking some healthy food and it makes  me feel at home!
Some others freedivers already arrived fews days ago: Herbert Nitsch (the one who broke my last record), Johan Dahlstrom from Sweden, Robert King (USA), Ryuzo Shinomya (the deepest Japanese and my roomate for the next week), Alexey Molchanov (Russia, World Record holder in dynamic) Kerian Hibbs and Kathryn Mac Phee (New Zeland), Jana Strain (Canada)...

The conditions are not so good as the hurricane season doesn't seem to be over, a lot of wind, and a bad visibilty. Fortunatly the weathercast is very optimist for the next days...

Stay tuned!

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Vendredi 23 octobre 5 23 /10 /Oct 18:52

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Jeudi 15 octobre 4 15 /10 /Oct 09:41
On the 13th of october, I was part of a film shoot directed by Otar Iosseliani, a georgian film maker living in France (He got some prizes in the past at the Cannes film festival, Berlin Film Festival and Venice film Festival)
Of course, I am not an actor yet, but I did an underwater stunt, with Julie (she was the main character playing a black mermaid) and Fouad (Vice President of the CIPA).
I can't tell you more details of the shooting, you will have to wait the official release of the movie (maybe Cannes 2010!!)
The only think I can assure you: it was terribly hard to swimm underwater with all this clothes in the cold water with almost empty lungs! After that day, I had to sleep 11 hours in a row to recover!

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Lundi 5 octobre 1 05 /10 /Oct 20:15

The Changing Oceans Expedition is a ten-year adventure through the world's most important marine eco-regions to bring the world the latest update information on the state of our oceans. The expedition will develop new ways of exploring and studying the oceans and fully share these discoveries, day by day, moment by moment, through the new, interactive media of the net generation.

The Changing Oceans Expedition is about bringing people and the sea closer together through a journey of discovery. It is about engaging everyone, whether eco-volunteer, scientist or crew aboard or online - to join in or follow the expedition from a computer screen in any part of the world.


I am very proud to be one of the ambassador of this adventure. I wish to get personally involved with Antinea, in order to sensitize as many people as possible to the beauty of the sea, an element that fills my dreams.

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Jeudi 1 octobre 4 01 /10 /Oct 23:06
From the 21th to the 25th of September, I was invited by Ball Watch for a media tour with some very famous magasines and news paper: GQ, Mens Health, El Mundo, La Razon, etc..
Julie was with me a took the pictures!
A big thanks to the Ball Watch team in Spain for the warm welcome!

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Mardi 22 septembre 2 22 /09 /Sep 20:41
Nice Abyss Contest 2009, it s done!
First of all, I would like to thanks deeply all the CIPA team for the support! It was an incredible human adventure.
Congratulation to all the athletes who managed strong performances with hard conditions the first 3 days (wind, waves or rain). Fortunatly the bay of Villefranche offered the perfect conditions for the athletes the last day.
Here are the results (best performances of the week end):

CNF Woman:
1 Brigitte Banégas 36m (French Record)

CNF Men:
1 Morgan Bourc'his 63m
2 Christian Maldamé 60m
3 Frederic Sessa 50m

CWT Woman:
1 brigitte Banégas 46m
2 Vanessa Mac Donald 45m
3 Mia Rizner 41m

1 François Gautier 80m
2 Nicolas Girardin 70m
3 Jean Michel Pradon 67m

Hope to organise it again in 2010 or in 2011...

Now the training starts again for the World Championship in Bahamas (end of November)

Pictures of the competition:  by VAL LEFERME

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Mardi 15 septembre 2 15 /09 /Sep 22:57

3 years after the last edition of the Nice Aida Open, a freediving competition is back in the french riviera: Nice Abyss Meeting, first freediving competition for a sustainable development.

35 athletes from France and some foreigners will compete in the Bay of Villefranche from the 17th to the 20th of September 2009. It will be a depth competition only, with Constant Weight and Constant No Fins.

The idea of the event is to have the warmest welcome for the athletes, working towards sustainable development. We will propose:
- 100% organic food for the welcome buffet and for breakfast
- fair trades tshirts
- ecologic posters
- biodegradable soap for wetsuit
- biodegradable place settings for buffet

A big thank you for all our partners who help us in this adventure.
- CIPA: organisation
- Massilia Sub: assistance in the organisation
- Conseil Général 06: technical logistic
- Ville de Nice: Closing buffet
- Rica Lewis: fair trades Tshirt
- La Vie Claire: Organic food
- Groupe atlantis: Ecologic Printing

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Lundi 14 septembre 1 14 /09 /Sep 22:32
This summer, the CIPA organised a lot of training session. Among them, we did an entire week session (last week of august), with deep freediving everyday.
The spirit of the CIPA is to share our passion with water all together in the same boat, from the beginner to the world champion. This training session was the perfect exemple of this spirit:
Beginners like Peter, David or Jeff have discovered the magic underwater world with the World Champions French Team (Morgan, Christian, Cyril and me) and silver medalist in the last indoor individual World Championship Fred Sessa. Other members of the club like Fouad, Patrice, Isa or Doudou enjoyed also the perfect conditions of the Villefranche Bay.
Special thanks to Eric who decided to organise that session, and congratulation to him for his new instructor diploma in Freediving !

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Vendredi 31 juillet 5 31 /07 /Juil 16:00
From the 20th to the 25th of July, the CIPA (our club in Nice) host 11 children from the CDMM (Center Discovery of the Underwater World) to dive and discover the amazing underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea.  Every day, we went in different places in the Villefranche sur Mer Bay.
It's very important
to increase future generations awareness of the protection of our seas and oceans. After one week, all the children were relaxed enough in the water to appreciate the beauty of the nature!
CIPA was used to organise all summer long this kind of courses, but it was the first time since 2007 we did it again. I think we might organise again this experiences!

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Dimanche 5 juillet 7 05 /07 /Juil 19:14
Sunday 5th of June:

Yesterday was the last day of the competition. I wanted an easy dive with no pressure in Free Immersion.

I dove at 80m in 3'11". It was of course very cool and very relaxed. I didn't want to push for the last dive in a discipline I haven't train for 6 years. But of course, with a 75m in no fins, 80m in free immersion was not a big risk!

For the second time, I win the Mediterranean Freediving competition in Sougia.

I really would love to thank some people and partners:

Ball Watch, my main sponsor, who help me for 3 years. Thanks to their support and because they have never put pressure on me, I have tried no fins this year to enjoy new feelings, with no record expectation, and I had a great time.

               CIPA team, with whom I have been training this year

- Gael Ovois, my physical trainer, who helped me to gain some  upper body strenght.

- Xavier, who gave me very good advice for technique.

- Fred Lemaitre, THE specialist in freediving physilogy who gave me some ideas and advices for training
photo by Fred Buyle(c)

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