Mercredi 2 juin 3 02 /06 /Juin 19:23

28088 111499508890297 105677202805861 67358 4124397 nSorry for the lack of updates the last 4 weeks...

This post to confirm you, after one month of silence, that I succeed in the last day of the competition with a dive at -115m, in 3'31".

Next step, the 3rd Mediterranean World Cup organised in Kalamata - Greece.

Thank you for your support!


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Mardi 27 avril 2 27 /04 /Avr 02:26

Tomorrow is the last day of the competition.

I will try a new french record in constant weight and a new personal best. We will see, no pressure.

Look at the incredible announcements for tomorrow!

William Trubridge : 100m in constant weight no fins !!

Herbert Nitsch: 130m in free immersion !!

A big show is scheduled for tomorrow!!


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Dimanche 25 avril 7 25 /04 /Avr 03:37


6 days of competition have already passed : As my feeling were not perfect in constant no fins in training, because this discipline requires to be in perfect shape as it’s the toughest one, and because the main foccus of the year are the team world championship in Okinawa (with constant weight discipline as the only depth category), I have decided to focus only in constant weight with fins category for this Vertical Blue 2010.
I did only 3 dives in the first 6 days, because I was a little bit sick in the middle :
- 103m : I have announced 105m but turned earlier because of bad feelings
- 106m : I went to the bottom, but couldn’t fin the tag (maybe because of nitrogen narcosis)
- 108m : white card, easy at the surface and with equalisation, but still a lot of narcosis.



(c) Deedee Flores


Tomorrow starts the last set.
I have announced 112m for tomorrow, 1 meter less than my personal best achieved in july 2008, and that was a new world record !
During the first days of the competition, several world records have been broken.
In constant weight, Herbert Nitsch took it 1 meter deeper than his previous record, with a dive at 124m.
I constant weight no fins, William Trubridge, the warden of Deans Blue Hole, organiser of the competition, and the world specialist in CNF pushed his own world record a little deeper, with a fantastic dive at 92m.
In Free Immersion (pulling down and back to the roap), Herbert Nitsch broke the WR a fisrt time with a dive at 114m. William Trubridge took it at 116m. Yesterday, Herbert Nitsch made the dive at 118m but was disqualified because he lost the tag on the way back, but he was looking very strong. There is no doubt he will try again tomorrow !

I try to foccus on my dives only. I know I am not ready yet to catch up with the guys ahead during this competition. I am working now on my own feelings to be ready for the future !


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Samedi 17 avril 6 17 /04 /Avr 03:28


                                                                                               photo by Julie Gautier - BLUENERY (c)



It s been 17 days I have started my training in Long Island. I have tried to work mostly on the no fins (CNF) and on constant weight (CW). In constant, I have done 70, 80, 90, 95 and 100 meters so far. In CNF i have done 55m, 2 X 70m and 75m. I have done also some shallow training dives focusing on equalisation and technique.
The competition is starting tomorrow. There will be 3 sets of 3 competition days in a row, one day rest between the sets. It means I will have 9 potential performances. I think I am going to dive only 6 or 7 days as I will need some more rest.
Hopefully the conditions at Deans Blue Hole will be better than the 2 last days.
I have announced in CWT 105m for tomorrow as a starter. Here are the official announcements for tomorrow: 2 world record attempt in free immersion!
Stay tuned !



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Vendredi 2 avril 5 02 /04 /Avr 03:13


I arrived yesterday in Long Island, Bahamas.

One more time, I am going to explore the deepest Blue Hole in the world, Dean's Blue Hole.

Vertical Blue is an invitational competition organised by William Trubridge, world record holder in constant weight no fins (90m). Only 16 athletes will attend, but only big names! Herbert Nitsch, Will Trubridge, Martin Stepanek, Ryuzo Shinomya, William Winram, and some others...

I have no expectations for this competition as it's the beginning of the season. I just want to improve my no fins and reach my best level in constant weight with fins.

We are renting a wonderfull house in front of the ocean. I enjoy the house alone at the moment but Julie will arrive by the end of the week. Then Martin Stepanek and his girlfriend Niki Roderick from New Zeland (Silver medal in the last World Championship in constant no fins) are going to share the house with us.

I will put some news, pictures and maybe video clips every week, so stay tuned!

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Samedi 20 mars 6 20 /03 /Mars 15:31
Welcome back to my blog ! Sorry for the lack of updates the last 2 months, but I am now back for a report of my winter activity.
Right after the World Championships in Bahamas and a wonderful week (between the 12th and the 18th of December) in La Plagne ski station for the annual sport event «  Les Etoiles du Sport », gathering all the French sports stars of the year, I have traveled to a very exotic place : New Calédonia. The tropical French island is floating in the middle of the South Pacific, very near to Australia and New Zeland.
I spent almost 3 months there with Julie. Julie has worked on an aquaculture project and I have been invited to share my passion and experience of freediving with the New Caledonian people and to start my preparation for the next team World Championship in Okinawa in July 2010.
One part of the trip took place in Nouméa, the main city of the Island. Eric Clua and Bernard Andréani, director of the APNEA freediving club of Nouméa introduced me to the 200 members. I organised some training sessions in the wonderful outdoor 50m swimming pool and some courses in the beautiful water of the biggest lagoon in the world. I managed to train too with the CNC, Caledonian swimming club almost every day. I also took part in 2 freediving competitions organised by the APNEA club and improved my personal best in dynamic with a 167m dive.
I have been invited too to become the ambassador of a new freediving club based in Koutio, around Nouméa.
The other part of the trip was organised by Alphonse Pujapujane. It took part in the Loyalties Islands and was 100% dedicated to the ocean. I was travelling and teaching in the 3 islands of the Loyalties : Mare, Lifou and Ouvéa. The habitants of the island are mostly Melanesian people with a completely different social organisation than ours : the tribal organisation. The Loyalties Islands are one the most beautiful places I have ever been so far. But on top of it, the experience with the local people was unique. Kanak people are very close to nature and the ocean in their way of life and together we had an amazing time.
Better than words, here are some pictures of the warmest winter I have ever experienced.

_MG_0547.JPGMG 0497
Spearfishing in Lifou                                                   Alphonse Pupujane and the Lifou team
MG 0457_MG_0963.jpg
After spearfishing in Lifou                                            Teaching dynamic at the pool
Wreck in Caledonian lagoon                Conference in Nouméa
    Course in Mare                                                           Amazing Mare
Blue Hole in Mare                                Spearfishing in Mare
Ouvéa...                                                               Some members of club APNEA in Nouméa
Julie and me after our performance
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Samedi 5 décembre 6 05 /12 /Déc 22:14
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Vendredi 4 décembre 5 04 /12 /Déc 01:46

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Mercredi 2 décembre 3 02 /12 /Déc 19:59

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Mardi 1 décembre 2 01 /12 /Déc 21:48

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